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Church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani
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Parian Village Beach Hotel

Parian Village is located in Parikia of Paros, and more specifically at the peaceful end of Livadia beach and within walking distance from the popular beaches of Cabana, Krios and Martselo. The hotel's location is considered privileged, not only for its proximity to the beaches, but also for the stunning view to the bay and the town of Parikia, and for its natural protection from the summer Meltemi wind.

The hotel is located 1,7 km away from the center and port of Parikia, walking along the coast. This beautiful coastal pathway which passes in front of Parian Village crosses all the beaches of Parikia and ends up in the church and lighthouse of Saint Fokas - a really beautiful place. Finally, there are many beach bar restaurants nearby; the closest of them is 200 meters away.



Parikia is the capital and the main port of Paros. It is one of the largest and most historical Cycladic settlements, distinguished by its extended traditional market, its remarkable sights, the nice beaches and finally its long coastal pedestrian street with the great sunset view!

The town of Parikia is the social and business center of Paros not only during summer, but all over the year. It is an absolutely balanced settlement which offers abundance of activities, shops, cafeterias, restaurants and bars, but mainly interesting sights - the Byzantine Church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani, the Frankish Castle, the Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Cemetery and the Asklepios Sanctuary -, and sandy beaches - Livadia, Cabana, Krios and Martselo -.


Paros Island

Paros is one of most popular islands in Greece and the third largest in Cyclades, with population of about 15.000 inhabitants. It is best known for its numerous beaches and traditional villages. However, the highlight of Paros is that it offers equally good holidays for all tastes.

The main settlements of the island: Parikia, Naousa, Lefkes, Kostos, Marpisa, Aliki, Piso Livadi and the nearby island of Antiparos, complete perfectly one another having all something different to offer.

Are you interested in sightseeing and tours or in shopping and partying? Would you prefer traditional villages and taverns or maybe cosmopolitan areas and gourmet restaurants? Do you prefer organized beaches, water sports and activities or relaxation and swimming in remote small coves?

All these activities have their own special spot in Paros, allowing visitors to enjoy their favorites or even to combine them, since the small size of the island makes it possible.

How to reach us

By taxi, car or motorbike:

From Parikia's port, bus terminal and marina (2,4 km / 6 min. drive)

From Paros airport: (12,5 km / 25 - 30 min. drive)

Tip: Ask from your car rental company to deliver your car at the port/airport.

On foot:

From Parikia's port, bus terminal and marina (1,7 km walk along the coastal path)

Tip: For your own convenience, we recommend the use of taxi, car or motorcycle, at least for the day of arrival - departure and for your evening outings. Walking along the coast is great, but when you return to the hotel at night or carrying luggage, the not so well lit path and the 50 meters you have to walk through the beach may not be pleasant.


Distances from popular beaches

  • Livadia : 2-min. walk
  • Cabana : 5-min. walk
  • Krios & Martselo : 20-min. walk / 2 km
  • Parasporos : 10-min. drive / 5 km
  • Agia Irini : 15-min. drive / 8 km
  • Faragas : 25-min. drive / 17 km
  • Kolympithres : 20-min. drive / 12 km
  • Santa Maria : 25-min. drive / 16 km
  • Punda Beach : 30-min. drive / 19 km
  • Golden Beach : 35-min. drive / 21 km

Distances from main settlements

  • Parikia's center : 20-min. walk / 5-min drive
  • Naousa : 15-min. drive / 16 km
  • Kostos : 15-min. drive / 10 km
  • Lefkes : 18-min. drive / 12 km
  • Aliki : 20-min. drive / 15 km
  • Marpissa : 24-min. drive / 17 km
  • Piso Livadi : 25-min. drive / 18 km
  • Antiparos : 15-min. drive & 5 min. on board or 5-min. walk & 20-min. on board